About Us
Chess Cube and Matrix Academy has been taking into account by countless Students under its rooftop. This foundation, which set its foot in the city in 2012, has been committed towards building the eventual fate of chess and its Students. The information searchers are continually being guided by a group of profoundly effective, qualified and taught instructors, each filling in as a decent good example for the Students & Participants. Other than the workforce group, the organization likewise brags of experienced staff individuals who have been assuming a huge job in the everyday organization of this foundation. What has earned this instructing focus a colossal notoriety is the splendid presentation of the understudies a seemingly endless amount of time after year.
Chess Cube and Matrix Academy displays present day homerooms, all outfitted with fundamental examination instruments and materials. So as to enable the Students to get a remarkable execution at their tests, it has talks and workshops which additionally demonstrate to be an extraordinary push in the character advancement of the Participants are additionally prepared completely on other significant viewpoints like time the board, stress the executives and profession direction among others. The instructors themselves complete meetings to generate new ideas on an intermittent premise with the goal that they can design their training technique just as intently screen their own exhibitions and improve any place required. Normal tests and tests are directed with the goal that the Students can comprehend the territories wherein they have to improve and work upon.
Our Vision
-- Spreading the Beauty Of Chess & Rubik’s --
Our Mission
Preparing Students of any age through online, individual, in bunches and in Schools
Directing competitions, Coaching camps

Welcoming all who are eager about the game and need to make a profession in Chess